SoC Design Platform

FaradayWith more than 800 employees, Faraday is the largest fabless ASIC design service company in Asia. It is also a leading vendor of silicon-proven semiconductor IP. Faraday has already completed over 5,000 successful designs and helps customers ship billions of chips. Providing the most comprehensive IP portfolio and the most competent SoC design services, Faraday is a design partner of choice.

For over 10 years, Faraday has been one of only a select number of ARM Architectural Licensee's. What this means is, is that they have designed 100% ARM-compatible CPU cores that have been optimized for either performance or power.

Faraday - ARM CPU Offerings

ARMFor 2013, Faraday has introduced the SoCreative A369 SoC Development
System. This package of digital cores are available to customers for one low package price. Digital cores accessible under this program include:

  • CPU
    – FMP626TE
    – FA726TE
    – FA626TE
    – FA616TE
    – FA606TE
  • Memory Controllers
    – Static Memory Controller
    – SDRAM Controller
    – DDR /DDR2/DDR3 Memory Controller
  • Data Transmission
    – 10/100/1000Mb/s Ethernet MAC
    – USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 Host/Device Controller
    – USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 OTG controller
    – PCI-Express Gen1/Gen2 EP controller
  • Standard Card Interface
    – NAND Flash Host Controller
    – SD 3.0/MMC Host Controller
  • System Controllers
    – AHB Bus Controllers (Arbiter, Decoder)
    – AXI interconnect
    – DMA Controller
  • Ancillary Peripherals
    – UART/Fast IrDA Controller
    – Timer
    – Watchdog Timer
    – Real Time Clock
    – Interrupt Controller
    – KBD / Mouse Controller
    – Synchronous Serial Port/I2S/AC97
    – I2C Controller
  • Bridge Interfaces
    – SATA Host/Device Controller
    – PCI-X 1.0b Bridge Controller
  • Graphics/Image IPs
    – LCD Controller
    – TV Encoder
    – MPEG4
    – H.264