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MARKHAM, Ontario & CAMBRIDGE, England, March 05, 2014 - Argon Design Through its Partner ChipStart Licenses HEVC/H.265 Streams Technology to Advanced Micro Devices

Argon Design, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced video verification solutions, has announced the licensing of their Streams and Coverage Tool to Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (“AMD”), a leading global semiconductor company. AMD will use Argon’s technology to validate its video decoder design and ensure that its designs are fully compatible with the latest HEVC video compression specification.

“Argon’s novel approach helps to provide comprehensive verification coverage in an efficient manner, accelerating time-to-market for our next generation high performance ultra-low power decoder designs.”

Argon Streams is a comprehensive set of test bit-streams that are generated directly from the HEVC specification. This technique avoids duplicating any subtle errors or ambiguities that are present in the HEVC reference code.

The companion Coverage Tool provides a detailed view of which equations, values, symbols and parameters of HEVC have been tested by Argon Streams. By measuring the coverage of the specification, Argon Streams has been optimized to reduce the size and number of test bit-streams, which in turn drastically reduces simulation time, while still providing full and demonstrable coverage of all aspects of the specification.

“Using Argon Streams as an element of our HEVC decoder verification strategy has helped AMD to build a high confidence that our decoder design is fully compatible with the HEVC specifications,” said Gordon Kerr, Director of Multimedia IP at AMD. “Argon’s novel approach helps to provide comprehensive verification coverage in an efficient manner, accelerating time-to-market for our next generation high performance ultra-low power decoder designs.”

Alan Scott, CEO of Argon Design says, “AMD has been an ideal customer for us. At their suggestion, we have been able to add several additional features in to Argon Streams to enhance their effectiveness.”

BEAVERTON, Ore. & Palo Alto, Calif. February 28, 2014 - Northwest Logic Named Best Overall Supplier by ChipStart for 2013

ChipStart LLC, a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (SIP), recently honored Northwest Logic, a global leader in high-performance interface solutions for the semiconductor industry, with its inaugural Partner of the Year award for 2013.

“Northwest Logic was one of our original partners when we launched ChipStart over 5 years ago. During this time, we have proven our value by increasing our partner design starts and revenue year to year. Our focus on ensuring excellence in supply chain management has enabled us to achieve this success,” said Howard Pakosh, President & CEO of ChipStart.

Mr. Pakosh further stated, “We're pleased to present this inaugural partner of the year award to Northwest Logic. Northwest Logic met the stringent criteria for this award, including delivering top performance IP, helping ChipStart deliver a superior customer experience and achieving consistently high marks as measured by ChipStart’s own supplier rating system. This system measures on-time delivery, price competitiveness, innovation, quality and evidence of contributions to unique and differentiated solutions, adding value to our customers.”

“ChipStart and Northwest Logic work together to identify and build relationships with a variety of customers. They understand the value our products bring to the market and have a deep set of industry contacts. We have had a fruitful collaboration over the last 5 years and look forward to this collaboration continuing in the future,” said Brian Daellenbach, President of Northwest Logic.

ChipStart promotes Northwest Logic’s high performance memory interface solutions (DDR4, DDR3, …) and high-performance PCI Express solutions (PCIe 3.0, DMA, Bridging, …) to system houses and semiconductor communities throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Warsaw, June 17, 2013 - Mixel and GDA Technologies Partner to Deliver a Complete UFS MIPI Solution

GDA Technologies and Mixel announces a joint solution that consists of the Mixel MIPI M-PHY (Physical Layer) and the GDA MIPI® UniproSM and UFS Cores delivered as silicon Intellectual Property (IP).

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San Jose, CA - December 11, 2012 - Novocell Semiconductor Memory Validated at IBM Foundry at Processes from 350nm to 130nm

CA Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has announced the completion of multi-node intellectual property validation within IBM Foundry’s “Ready for IBM Technology” program. Novocell Semiconductor offers the industry's broadest portfolio of NVM solutions in IBM technologies, with OTP solutions available, qualified and validated within the “Ready for IBM Technology” program from 350nm through 130nm.

Walt Novosel, President of Novocell, stated, “We have been working with IBM Foundry for some time now to provide our high reliability and high yield NVM memory solutions to IBM foundry customers in the consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, and military industry segments.”

With a product line that includes specially engineering IP product lines for applications such as trimming, calibration, feature enablement, configuration, authentication, code storage, and more, in densities ranging from as small as 8 bits to as large as 10Mbits, Novocell Semiconductor’s Smartbit™-based antifuse has acquired a reputation as the most complete, high reliability NVM product line available.

“Utilizing Novocell’s Smartbit-based NVM, IBM foundry customers will benefit from utilizing a technology that is designed to avoid many of the costly and troublesome issues that plague other OTP technologies, such as unprogrammed bits that require space- and time-consuming redundant bit programming and error correction circuitry, as well as non-standard CMOS processes,” said Walt Novosel.

Unparalleled Yield, Reliability and Manufacturing Portability
Novocell’s entire family of Smartbit-based non-volatile memory IP products avoid the limitations of other embedded NVM technologies by relying upon a patented design as well as a dynamic programming and monitoring process. The Novocell Smartbit bit cell ensures that 100% of customers’ embedded bit cells are fully programmed, resulting in Novocell’s unmatched 100% yield and unparalleled reliability. Customers are provided a logic “done” signal, indicating full completion of programming, the data storage life is guaranteed for over 30 years.

Novocell Semiconductor’s Smartbit bit cell uses fully standard CMOS manufacturing processes, without need for secondary masks or additional fabrication processes. The NVM IP has been designed to provide the most foundry- and process-independent OTP available, and is fundamentally scalable to meet node and process complexity challenges as SoC chip designs migrate to advanced, low power nodes such as 32nm and beyond.


Plymouth, UK -17th October 2012 – Moortec Semiconductor Announces its Embedded PVT Die-Sensing IP Range for Deep Submicron Technologies

Moortec Semiconductor Limited, provider of mixed-signal IP and chip solutions, announces the Moortec Embedded Die Sensor (MEDS) range of IP targeting Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensing applications for 40-nanometer (nm) and 28-nm CMOS technologies. Moortec's range of precision analog IP for low-geometry technologies allows developers to sense on-chip conditions, optimising large scale semiconductor device performance and enhancing the design flow of System on Chip (SoC) developments. Although the IP range is predominantly analog in design, the digital interfacing and standard CMOS process compatibility means they are easy to integrate within any digital implementation flow.

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Hermitage, PA - August 10, 2012 - Novocell Semiconductor announces the completion of Mil-Spec and Automotive IP qualifications and Rad-Hard tolerance

Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in embedded, high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has responded to the demands of their growing number of military, aerospace, and automotive industry customers, announcing today that their Smartbit™-based antifuse OTP memory designs have completed the rigorous exposure to long term high temperature exposure required for Military and Automotive applications, as well as survived extended exposure to radioactive Cobalt-60 necessary to establishing Rad-Hard (radiation hardened) status.

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San Jose, CA – July 2, 2012 - Prototype-Ready IP jump starts complex SoC Integration with 3D Graphics

TAKUMI Corporation, a Japan-based advanced Graphics Intellectual Properties (IP) provider, has implemented a series of Graphics IP cores on S2C’s rapid FPGA-based prototyping systems including GS3000 and GSV3000 cores. These TAKUMI IP cores have been fully validated in FPGAs based prototypes and can be easily demonstrated to and evaluated by customers. These FPGA-based prototypes significantly reduces system-on-chip (SoC) integration time.

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San Jose, CA – Jun 1st, 2012 – GUC ARM11 and ARM9 Test Chips Simplifies FPGA prototyping for ARM-based SoC

S2C has added ARM1176 and ARM926 GUC test chip modules to the comprehensive family of Prototype Ready™ accessories used to create FPGA-based prototypes and to interface FPGA-based prototype boards to the user’s target operating environment. The 2 new ARM test chip modules can be used with all S2C SoC/ASIC prototyping hardware including Virtex-7 TAI Logic Modules, Stratix-4 TAI Logic Modules, Stratix-4 TAI Verification modules, Virtex-6 TAI Logic Modules and Virtex-6 TAI Verification Modules. The ARM test chips are supplied by Global Unichip Corp. (GUC), the Flexible ASIC Leader™.

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Hermitage, PA - July 5, 2012 - Novocell Semiconductor announces the expansion of the firm’s one-time programmable non-volatile memory IP product line

Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in embedded, high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has announced an expansion of their immediately available intellectual property (IP) product line.  As the semiconductor market has continued to evolve, differentiated requirements for highly reliable memory storage have grown in such segments as wireless handheld communications, mobile and tablet computing, global positioning system (GPS) equipment, integrated automotive sensing, monitoring, communications and entertainment, and industrial automation and controls, security and encryption, and military and aerospace applications.

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Santa Clara, CA - Memoir Systems Selected as a 2012 Red Herring Top 100 North America Tech Startup

Memoir Systems Inc., the Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) provider that delivers breakthrough embedded memory performance, announced today that it has been selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America Tech Startup in recognition of its technological innovation, market vision and management quality.

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June 12, 2011 - Success with MIPI M-PHY

Mixel® Inc., announced today that it has achieved first time success with its MIPI® M-PHYSM IP test chip silicon, and demos the M-PHY platform in MIPI meeting in Copenhagen. Mixel’s M-PHY IP supports both TYPE I and TYPE II operation, A and B data rates, and all current and future MIPI M-PHY use-cases. The IP supports the recently released 1.0 version of the M-PHY specifications.

Hsinchu, Taiwan - Feb 17, 2011 - Cypress Signs Innopower to Enable SONOS-Based Embedded Flash Solutions for 130-nm and 65-nm Technology Nodes

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq: CY) today announced that it has licensed 130-nm and 65-nm SONOS (Silicon Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) embedded nonvolatile memory technology IP to Innopower Technology Corporation. Under the licensing agreement, Innopower will combine Cypress’s technology with its technical support services and other IP elements to help designers of next-generation SOCs and ASICs integrate non-volatile memory (NVM) solutions within their new ICs.