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DELTA Microelectronics

DELTA Microelectronics

DELTA has been at the forefront of the microelectronics industry for over 25 years, providing IC design, testing, distribution, and complete supply chain services to some of the world’s bestknown OEMs/ODMs and fabless semiconductor companies.

Our extensive suite of ASIC services, high calibre engineering teams, and advanced test facilities allow us to take your products from prototype to mass production through the most predictable and reliable path. DELTA’s teams are structured to act as an extension of our customer’s own operation, and provide the best service at each step of the process. These teams include:

  • ASIC design
  • Prototyping
  • Wafer supply
  • Wafer test
  • Packaging
  • Component test
  • Storage and delivery
  • Qualification test
  • Failure analysis

Over 1000 customers use DELTA’s services every year, taking advantage of our high-quality services and European standards of quality. Whether it is a specific testing project or a complete turnkey ASIC solution, our professional teams allow you to focus on your core competences, while we take complete responsibility for managing the complex IC supply chain.

ASIC design and verification leadership

DELTA’s seasoned design team has delivered over 100 successful ASIC projects to systems and products worldwide. Located in Denmark and the UK, the design teams are well experienced in mixed signal and wireless, low power and digital ASICs.

A key driver behind the ability of our team to quickly complete ASIC design projects is the development of IP libraries of proven functional circuit blocks which significantly reduce the risk and design time for ASIC/SoC projects.

DELTA’s IP libraries include digital and analog cores, and are complemented by our partnership with specialised design houses with libraries for wireless, analog, and deep sub-micron projects.

Sophisticated test facilities

DELTA started its semiconductor test centre in 1976 and operates today one of the largest commercial microelectronics testing facilities in Europe. Testing services cover all types of tests required for ICs, from wafer test through qualification testing, to the final production tests of packaged devices.

Throughout the years DELTA has invested heavily in test equipment. Our test centre includes multiple component testers, wafer probers, and component handlers that cover analog, digital, and mixed signal design components, and can support the most cost-effective test rates available.

Turnkey supply chain management

Our accumulated years of experience allow us to offer one of the best ASIC supply chain services, where we take full responsibility for the entire IC process – from RTL/GDSII to silicon. This includes wafer procurement and probing, prototype supply, packaging, component testing, storage and distribution of ICs.

Customers can select the appropriate partners for their product from DELTA’s rich network of foundry and packaging partners, and enjoy better cost structures due to DELTA’s combined volume.

DELTA’s logistical service centre helps customers handle all the logistical and financial aspects of the supply chain – forecasting, planning, monitoring, scheduling, inventory control, and shipping. Our integrated ERP system handles the entire process, with extensive reporting at multiple granularity levels to inform customers of status.

A European tradition of excellence

With 250 employees, DELTA is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has offices in UK and Sweden. In 1998 DELTA Microelectronics was founded as separate business unit of DELTA, beside the two business units of Test & Consultancy and Lights & Optics.

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