How is ChipStart Differentiated?

Until now, architects and designers of semiconductor ASIC's and SoC's have had to choose to work with two kinds of semiconductor intellectual property (or IP) providers - the large, public provider, or the small engineering developer. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of each:

Large IP Companies

  • POSITIVES: Large portfolio; local support; only one or two license contracts required

  • NEGATIVES: Expensive; inflexible; difficult to do business with; engineering is typically inaccessible; will support Tier 1 customers first; limited liability offering; cannot do creative deals

Small IP Developer

  • POSITIVES: Well engineered companies; can work directly with the engineer responsible, competitively priced

  • NEGATIVES: Companies have limited budgets, limited selection of IP/foundry/processes; run by engineers not business people; license contracts are limited; need to sign multiple license contracts if several IP's are being purchased; limited liability offering

How is ChipStart Different?

What if you had the best of both what the large and small companies offer? ChipStart is an:

  • IP Developer, focusing on highly differentiated solutions such as SoC System Manager (SSM); custom embedded Memory products; and Voltage Regulators.

  • IP Integrator. We have been the leader in promoting IP Subsystems. Since small IP developers are focused on only one product inside a larger system, there needs to be an effort to integrate IP from multiple, best-in-class vendors to produce an offering that is better than what the large companies offer. The end customer (you) should not have to bear the integration burden. So for Subsystems like DDR2, DDR3 and now DDR4, we oversee the effort and marry the engineering efforts between these smaller IP developers.

  • IP Aggregator. As we are leading the efforts above, we have many best-in-class IP partners that want to work with us and want to be part of this IP Eco-System.

You do not pay extra for our services! Whether you buy from us, or any of our partners, we get paid by them, not you. The price is the same.

How will working with ChipStart benefit you and your company?

Good question! On many levels, ChipStart is revolutionizing the semiconductor IP industry. We are an IP visionary, developer, aggragator, integrator and licensor. ChipStart is applying best practices found in other industries to streamline the IP selection, licensing and acquisition process. How is that?

Think of how you purchase your personal insurance policies like auto, home, life and medical. Sure, you can call four different insurance companies and negotiate the best terms and sign four different policies, but is that the best use of your time? Are you really getting the best deal?

In all likelihood, you are already working with a registered insurance broker. Not only will they help you select the best policies for your needs and offer you the best, overall price, but more than anything, they save you time and offer you piece of mind. No wonder they can claim "you're in good hands".

Working with ChipStart is no different. Yes, we are a leading system-level IP developer, however, we have partnered with engineering teams that have developed "Best-in-Class" semiconductor IP in their respective fields.

Value 1 - Pain-Free Licensing

Like large, public IP vendors, ChipStart now offers its customers the option of licensing all their IP needs on a single License Agreement. Rated as our number one value is allowing you, the customer, the flexibility of choosing how much risk to take on.

If you find negotiating an IP license something short of getting a root canal, then why not explore the pain free licensing option at ChipStart? For example, the Standard License offers the following Liabilities:

  • Standard - Liability exposure is License Fees Paid

  • Enhanced Option 1 - $1,000,000 liabilities (underwritten by a leading insurance provider)

  • Enhanced Option 2 - $2,000,000 liabilities (underwritten by a leading insurance provider)

Value 2 - No Hidden Agenda

Have you ever wondered why some EDA and IP vendors give away their IP with other products they sell? Have you wondered what the industry impact is?

ChipStart is in business for the long-term. Our R&D teams need to fund future development, otherwise they will not be in business tomorrow. We do not have access to high-margin, high-value EDA software or IP. So we will never cheapen the value of IP by giving it away.

Value 3 - Industry Sustainability

While you, the customer, gain access to Best-in-Class IP, you can be rest assured that the dollars spent will go back into R&D and allow development of next-generation products. The future of IP will not be gambled for the sake of shareholder profits.

Value 4 - Best Overall Price

With the buying power of ChipStart working for you, you can be guaranteed the best, overall price for a given project. We do not add an extra line item on the invoice called "commission".

Do you or your people spend days or weeks negotiating IP license deals and contracts? Are the legal fees you pay for negotitating IP license deals approaching the cost of the IP itself? Are you fed up and feel you may as well go to one of the IP megaliths because of either time-to-market (TTM) pressures or you find the whole IP license acquisition process a pain?

In Summary - the Benefits of Working with ChipStart Are:

  • Large IP Portfolio. From processors and architectural IP, to digital/soft IP, to hard/physical IP
  • Local Support. ChipStart has offices in all the key semiconductor design centers around the world.
  • Engineering Access. You have full access to the engineer in charge of your project or macro at all times.
  • Purchasing Power. Like a insurance agent, multiple IP's purchased will result in a better overall sale price, than negotiating each separately
  • Single License Agreement. Probably the single, biggest value of working with ChipStart, the SLA is negotiated once and forever.
  • Added Benefits:
    • May purchase additional liabilities, up to $5M per project
    • Design Service Access
    • No Hidden Costs

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