8051 Microcontroller Family

Simplicity, high efficiency and good performance have made the 8051 one of the most widely used microcontrollers for the past 30 years. In applications where a 32-bit RISC CPU is simply too large and power hungry, the 8-bit 8051 is more economical and eco-friendly, due to much lower power and ASIC area.

ChipStart has a complete portfolio of 8051 processors, consisting of the very small and effective DT8051 family, the most popular high performance DP8051 family, and now the most powerful quad pipelined DQ80251 family.

The DQ80251 is 56 times faster than the 80C51 and is 50% more efficient with code space compared to classic 8051. Each family is provided with DoCD JTAG/TTAG real-time non-intrusive debugging system.


VAX MIPS Ratio Performance of the 8051 Families8051 VAX MIPS Ratio's

8051SelectionChart 1 resized 6008051 Microcontroller Family Selection Chart

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