ChipStart at Sensor Expo in Long Beach, CA

Join thousands of engineers and innovators to see the latest sensing technologies and identify new ways to improve products and expand their capabilities using sensors. The event has helped countless attendees learn about "hot" and cutting-edge technology areas: Energy Harvesting, IoT, MEMS, Wireless, and Wearables.

With the largest showcase of sensing technologies, Sensors brings you the solutions you need now, and shows you what's driving the future.

We believe of the future of IoT is “The Internet of Knowledge”, or IoT version 2.0 It will act as a catalyst, bringing many new business opportunities to industries where electronics has not traditionally been used. DELTA is prepared for this trend. Talk to us about THOR, our RF/Wireless Design Platform, which is ready and proven for intelligent sensor systems and tags.

Finally, we combine our many in-house technologies to form new intelligent sensors measurement systems. Together with battery-less, wireless bridges we can make an interface from sensors to smart devices such as mobile phones. DELTA operates with a flexible business model where it offers turnkey solutions or individual design services, depending on the needs of its customers. 

June 9-11, 2015 
Long Beach Convention Center

Come visit ChipStart at DELTA's booth (#114)!


ARGON DESIGN HEVC Specification Coverage Report



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Argon Design Named Best Overall Supplier by ChipStart for 2014!

Leading semiconductor IP developer, integrator and aggregator awards its annual Partner of the Year Award to a leader in the video verification market

March 16, 2015 – Cambridge, United Kingdom and Palo Alto, California - ChipStart LLC, a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (SIP), recently honored Argon Design, a global leader in semiconductor design and embedded solutions for the semiconductor industry, with its prestigious Partner of the Year award for 2014.

“Argon Design has been one of our leading partners with ChipStart for over 2 years now. With high-bandwidth video access becoming an important feature in more devices, we have chosen to make video IP and verification a strategic focus. This has proven our value by increasing our partner design starts and revenue year-to-year”, said Howard Pakosh, President & CEO of ChipStart.

Mr. Pakosh further stated, "We're pleased to present this annual partner of the year award to Argon Design. Argon met the stringent criteria for this award, including delivering top performance IP solutions, helping ChipStart deliver a superior customer experience and achieving consistently high marks, as measured by ChipStart’s own supplier rating system.”

"ChipStart and Argon Design work together to identify and build relationships with a variety of customers.  They understand the value our products bring to the market and have a deep set of industry contacts.  We have had a fruitful collaboration over the last 5 years and look forward to this collaboration continuing in the future. ” said Alan Scott, Managing Director of Argon Design.

ChipStart exclusively promotes Argon Design’s high-performance video verification IP (HEVC/H.265 and VP9 Streams) and high-quality video-stitching IP to system houses and semiconductor communities globally.



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About Us

ChipStart is a trusted semiconductor intellectual property solution company based in Palo Alto, California. ChipStart provides sales, marketing, and support engagement solutions for companies that commerce third-party semiconductor intellectual property, high-quality pre-verified subsystem solutions, and support design services for system houses and ASIC/Fabless semiconductor companies. ChipStart solutions are used as critical components of communications, consumer and computing products including switches, routers, modems, cellular phones, set-top boxes, HDTVs, DVD players and PCs.

What is ChipStart?

  1. ChipStart is an IP Developer, focusing on highly differentiated solutions such as SoC System Manager (SSM); custom embedded Memory products; and Voltage Regulators.
  2. ChipStart is an IP Integrator. We have been the leader in promoting IP Subsystems. Since small IP developers are focused on only one product inside a larger system, there needs to be an effort to integrate IP from multiple, best-in-class vendors to produce an offering that is better than what the large companies offer. The end customer (you) should not have to bear the integration burden. So for Subsystems like DDR2 or DDR3, we oversee the effort and marry the engineering efforts between these smaller IP developers.
  3. ChipStart is an IP Aggregator. As we are leading the efforts above, we have many best-in-class IP partners that want to work with us and want to be part of this IP Eco-System.

How will working with ChipStart benefit you and your company?

Good question! On many levels, ChipStart is revolutionizing the semiconductor IP industry. We are an IP visionary, developer, aggragator, integrator and licensor. ChipStart is applying best practices found in other industries to streamline the IP selection, licensing and acquisition process. Click Here to Learn More...

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